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Terms & conditions

This explains our range of care plans to help you make the right decision for your home.


The booklet explains what is included in each care plan, what is not included, how to select the right cover for you, how to make the most of your plan how to make a booking or how to change and cancel your agreement with us.




Boiler Service Plan

Boiler Care Plan

Full System Plan

Additional services available 

General conditions 



Boiler Service Plan

The Boiler Service Plan includes an annual service and same day call out.


There are no call out charges associated with any faults related to the boiler (any component within the boiler casing), during the period of cover. The cost of parts is chargeable, where required, as is labour. Same day call outs are guaranteed when bookings are made before 10am on the same day, Monday- Friday.


Not included


  • Call outs or works related to the heating system outside of the boiler casing are chargeable.

  • Parts and labour

  • Damage to the system caused by limescale. Sludge or other debris.

  • Drains and drainage

  • Leak sealant or associated chemicals are not covered when used to repair leaks suspected in concealed pipework

  • Any plumbing work



Boiler Care Plan

The Boiler Care Plan includes an annual service and same day call out.


There are no charges far a call out or replacement parts and labour if the repair relates to any component within the boiler casing. If the parts cannot be repaired they will be replaced, free of charge. Same working day call outs are guaranteed when bookings are made before 10am on the sam day, Monday- Friday.


Not Included


  • Call outs or work related to the heating system outside of the boiler casing are chargeable.

  • Damage to the system caused by limescale, sludge or other debris

  • Drains or drainage

  • Any Plumbing work



Full System Plan

The Full System Plan includes an annual service and same day call out.


It includes non-chargeable call outs and repairs to any faulty central heating component located inside & outside of the boiler casing.


The cover is for components external and internal to the central heating boiler, including the external circulating pump, thermostatic radiator valves, central heating pipework, system filters, timers, programmers and room/cylinder thermostats.


If parts cannot be repaired, they will be replaced, free of charge. Same working day call outs are guaranteed when bookings are made before 10am on the same day, Monday-Friday.


Not Included


  • Replacement of decorative radiators

  • Hot water cylinders

  • Flue systems

  • Damage to the system caused by limescale, sludge or other debris

  • Fixing showers, their parts or shower pumps

  • Underfloor heating 

  • Drains and drainage

  • Blocked plate heat exchangers

  • External pipes (condensate pipework) that are frozen requiring defrosting

  • Internal blockages to condensate pipes

  • Any Plumbing work



Additional services


Gas Safety Check & Certificate


This involves an inspection of your gas meter, gas pipework and any gas appliances within your property that you want checking and certifying. This is not included in any of the above plans and must be purchased at an additional cost. This is a legal requirement for any landlord. This service does not include any repairs or replacements to the gas meter, pipework or gas appliances.



Gas Fire Service


A gas fire service comprises of several checks and tests to ensure the fire operates as it should and will involve an assessment of overall condition and safety



General Conditions


Your Cover


In order to be accepted onto any one of the Plan ranges, an annual boiler service and inspection must take place to ensure that your boiler is not beyond any economical repair at the point of starting the cover. If it is deemed that your boiler is beyond economical repair, our engineer will advise and you will be offered a free, no obligation survey and quotation for a replacement boiler. The cost of the boiler service will still apply, however this will be deducted from the final installation invoice, should you accept the quotation provided. If you choose not to go ahead with us, the cost of the annual service will remain. Any parts requiring replacement in the initial suitability service visit will be chargeable, if proceeded with. This does not apply for renewal service.


Cover starts from the day you are accepted following an annual service. The cover is for a period of twelve months. You will be notified by email with regards to your renewal information when the terms of your cover is due to end. Prices for renewal do not change due to policy usage during your cover period but may increase due to increase in the national inflation rate. You will be given at least 28 days notice of any intended charge increases and given the opportunity to change, cancel or not renew your cover with us. Cover automatically renews yearly on the date that your first contract was taken out unless we hear from you to cancel your cover.


Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, at the point of completion of the service offered. If payment is not received within 28 days, cover may be forfeited, and any subsequent call outs or claims will be chargeable at the standard rates. Payment can be made by a recurring annual payment.


Whilst the cost of replacement parts is included in a some of our plans, the cost to replace an appliance such as a boiler, cylinder in its entirety, is not included in the plans. If an appliance is deemed beyond economic repair, a quotation with competitive prices to reflect your care plan status will be provided.



Your Responsibilities 


This contract is specific to the boiler/ appliance at the property visited for the annual inspection. The cover is for a 12month period. If you move home during the period of your cover, the contact remains, as does the cost of the care plan. To provide cover in the form of one of our Plans from the range above, at a new property, we would be required to attend for an annual service again and commence a new contract. No refunds are provided for a change in ownership. If you do move home, please notify us as soon as possible in order for us to update our records. Please also advise of any changes to personal information such as contact number or email address to enable us to stay in contact with you regarding your plan. We also require notifying if there has been any change or damage to any system or appliances covered under your plan.


We require access to your property to carry out any directed services or works, in accordance with your contract. Visits will always be communicated and scheduled with you, at your request, taking into account your availability and preference. Please ensure that our engineers have access to your property, at the agreed times, and should you need to cancel an appointment, please provide as much notice as possible. An adult aged 18 or over must be present to grant access. Access needs to be made possible by the homeowner/cover holder.


We will not carry out works outside of the scope of your cover without providing you with costing and gaining approval where applicable. Our engineers must be able to access relevant parts of your property to carry out works and we ask that prior to the appointment, the home is deemed to be a safe and accessible environment for our engineers. If an engineer attends and is unable to gain access or carry out works due to the condition of the home, or verbal or physical aggression, you may be liable for charges associated with this. Where asbestos is found, it will need to be removed before we can continue works and this will need to be arranged and paid for by you, the homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring accessibility to the relevant appliance. Please advise on booking if accessibility is an issue. Engineers will be equipped with ladders; any additional access equipment will need to be sourced by the customer or shared at an additional rate. 


Tenants can contact us directly to arrange appointments, however, authority must be granted by the homeowner or letting agent, and gained in advance of any works being undertaken.



Our Responsibilities


As a Plan customer, we guarantee to attend your property on the same working day as the call out booking was made, providing the booking was received by 10:00am. CWS Heating Ltd do not provide an emergency cover and do not cover evenings, nights, weekends or bank holidays. 

CWS Heating Ltd are not liable for any out of hour services that the customer may source from third party companies.


Where a fault is found and diagnosed, we will act within reasonable time frames to remedy the issue. Whilst CWS Heating Ltd engineers carry a comprehensive range of parts and materials on their vans, due to the wide range of boilers and components, we cannot guarantee to have parts readily available. We endeavour to promptly communicate ordering timeframes and rebook to attend to fit parts as soon as possible where we have been unable to on the same day call out. Plan customers will not be charged call out fees and as such, multiple visits will not be at the expense of the homeowner.





The range of Plans provided offer a comprehensive cover for a range of heating services. We do not charge an excess for the use of our services and there is no limit on the amount of call outs or repairs that can be made, subject to the terms and conditions of your individual plan. Aesthetic and decorative damage which may occur as a result of failures within your central heating are not the responsibility of CWS Heating Ltd unless they are deemed to be a directly caused by negligence in the installation of any of the aforementioned and this installation was carried out by CWS Heating Ltd, within 6 months of its reported damage. 


Malicious, intentional and non accidental damage to any of the appliances or parts of the covered system, will not be replaced or repaired by CWS Heating Ltd under the current obligations. Faults or damages arising following the interference of a third-party person, organisation, or as a result of extreme or unforeseen weather conditions, or other external variables, will also not lead to cover (where our engineers diagnose this interference to be influential in the reporting fault or damage)


Works which do not require qualified engineers to undertake, such as resetting controls, routine re-fills or top ups of sealed systems, replacing batteries or defrosting frozen pipes, will not be included under the Plan. If there is a fault with a system which is associated with a fault in the supply of gas, electricity or water, this also is not the responsibility of CWS Heating Ltd.


We guarantee to replace any faulty parts we have supplied or fix any faulty work that we have completed for twelve months, from the date we carried out that work. 

Issues arising from sludge and debris in the system are not covered under the Plans. 


CWS Heating Ltd reserve the right to cancel a Plan contact at any time and will provide a refund relative to the period of cover cancelled.


CWS Heating Ltd will not be liable if it is unable to carry out its obligations under the service contract due to industrial disputes or force majeure. CWS Heating Ltd shall not be liable for the cost of temporary secondary heating or any expenses or temporary accommodation costs. 



Making a booking


You can book online via our website or by calling 01926 511 601 or via email


If you are unsure of our services, please don’t hesitate to call or email to ensure your booking is correct and the costs are clear. 


You can cancel an appointment any time prior to the scheduled time, but we do ask for 24 hours notice if possible. You can cancel a Plan by calling 01926 511 601 or email, if you cancel the Plan within 14 days of the commencement of this, you will receive a refund, minus the cost of the boiler service if this has been carried out already. This is your cooling off period.

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